What the Experts Say

9 to 11 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables

Five servings of fruits and vegetables used to be the daily recommendation. Recent studies suggest that we need much more. The USDA has confirmed that we should aim to eat 9 to 11 servings of fruits and vegetables every day to strengthen our immune systems and prevent disease. When referring to eating high amounts of fruits and vegetables, the Department of Public Health has stated "You can never have too many."

"...variety is as important as quantity. No single fruit or vegetable provides all of the nutrients you need to be healthy. The key lies in the variety of different vegetables and fruits that you eat."
- Harvard School of Public Health

There have been many studies done on fruits and vegetables that outline their benefits. One of the world’s largest and longest studies ever done tracked the diets of over 100,000 men and woman for 14 years. The results clearly indicated a correlation between the number of servings of fruits and vegetables cardiovascular disease (the worlds leading cause of death). "Compared with those in the lowest category of fruit and vegetable intake (less than 1.5 servings a day), those who averaged 8 or more servings a day were 30 percent less likely to have had a heart attack or stroke."