Get to know your Flora
By Dr. Douglas Howard - 03/16/2017

Did you know three to five pounds of bacteria live in and on your body? 

Don't hit the shower armed with your antibacterial soap just yet! 99.9% of this bacteria is GOOD for your health. We call this good bacteria Flora. The latest research shows that over sanitization and careless destruction of beneficial flora may be a major cause of many health concerns. We need bacteria. Healthy Flora protects us from unhealthy bacteria and works with our immune system to fight disease processes. In fact, this invisible and mysterious flora plays such a role in our body's systems that researchers are considering classifying flora as an organ of the body. After all, it weighs more than your heart! To obtain optimal health you must respect and protect your natural Flora.  

To protect yours, Stay clean, but do not over wash. Use cleaning products appropriate for the task - not always antibacterial varieties. Sometimes, especially with children, water is enough.  Think at least twice before using antibiotics and eat foods high in active enzymes. Spend time in nature and with nature. And most of all, remember: Flora is your friend. Respect her.