A Chemical Laboratory
By Dr. Douglas Howard - 12/21/2016

Did you know that YOU own the world's most complex and fantastic chemical laboratory? It's true. When cared for properly, the human body has the potential to heal itself by creating custom designed medicines for your personal needs with no negative side effects! 

Your body must have quality raw materials to work with. YOU must supply these materials from the food you eat. Your body's laboratory is built to run on REAL food. It will break it down to get the chemicals it needs. For optimal performance, stay away from cheap, processed foods. Processed grains, excess sugar, and bad oils will quickly clog up and bog down your body machine. 

Eat real food: mostly fruits and vegetables in a wide variety and whole grains. These healthful foods are loaded with the natural chemicals your body needs to do its job. Your fantastic laboratory is yours and yours alone; take responsibility for it.