Quality Assurance
Fruits and Veggies

Fresh fruits and vegetables at their best

We are very proud to be able to say that we do not use any produce with pesticides. We only use the very best, naturally grown produce available. Our ingredients (just fruits and vegetables) are grown organically without pesticides and without genetically altering them.

In fact, about 18 years ago, when Dr. Howard started making the Fruits and Veggies, he would only use produce that was stamped "USDA Organic" but he decided to get it tested anyway. When he did test the produce, it came back showing that up to 30% still had high levels of pesticides, heavy metals, and bacteria. Dr. Howard was very surprised and upset that the "organic stamped" produce had such a low standard. From then on, Balance of Nature has made sure that every batch of produce is third party tested and we accept only those that are free of pesticides. We also test for color, taste and smell and we make sure that each fruit or vegetable is vine ripened and grown to maturity to insure you are getting the full nutrients that mother nature intended you to have.

Maximum nutrient content

So how do we get all the “whole food nutrition” into a capsule without damaging the nutrients or enzymes? Good question! We use an advanced freeze drying technique, which Dr. Howard helped develop himself, called Flash-drying. It preserves 99.9% of all the naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes found in produce. Flash-drying is done with pressure and is a vacuum-cold process.

Our ingredients are never exposed to heat or air drying processes (which do damage nutrients) and this sets us apart from almost everyone else. Even low quality freeze drying is uncommon in most “whole food supplements” because the popularity of different manufacturing methods correlates with the cost. So even though using the highest quality drying techniques makes the most sense, it does not make the most dollars, which is why most other companies don’t use it. Fortunately though, Balance of Nature is a results based company and we guarantee you will see, taste, smell and even feel the difference.

Fruits and Veggies

Not Naturalish. 100% Natural.

When we say we are whole food, we mean that we really are just powdered fruits and vegetables and we do not take out ANYTHING but the water and air. Because we don’t damage the nutrients in any of our processing, we don’t need to add “vitamin fortifiers”, hormones, additives, or any kind of isolates at all (especially not anything synthetically made in a lab). The vegetarian capsules protect the food from getting exposed to anything and make it possible for us to avoid any types of preservatives. This is REAL food.

"Thus far research on Phytonutrients has focused mostly on vitamins, or other single nutrients. However evidence of health benefits comes from diets rich in fruits and vegetables, NOT individual compounds. Nutrition researchers can’t say which phytonutrients are the important ones... The fact is they work together, in concert, and the slightest change in this balance can offset the quality of effect it has taken nature to build."
- Dr. Douglas Howard

Easy...Real food.

Fruits & Veggies® are perfect for individuals and families who want to eat right but don’t. These easy-to-take capsules offer a safe and effective way to get the real nutrition of over 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Safe...Real Nutrition.

Enjoy peace of mind by getting your nutrition from whole food—safe at any dosage—rather than from ordinary vitamin supplements which can be harmful in unbalanced or increased doses.

Effective...Real Science.

University tested and hospital approved, Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies® are proven to help protect you from illness and lifestyle diseases.